Accept any contribution you make :)

  • Contribute to the manim source code:

Please fork to your own repository and make changes, submit a pull request, and fill in the motivation for the change following the instructions in the template. We will check your pull request in detail (this usually takes a while, please be patient)

  • Contribute to the documentation:

Also submit a pull request and write down the main changes.

  • If you find a bug in the code:

Please open an issue and fill in the found problem and your environment according to the template. (But please note that if you think this problem is just a problem of yourself, rather than a problem of source code, it is recommended that you ask a question in the Q&A category of the discussion page)

  • You are welcome to share the content you made with manim:

Post it in the show and tell category of the discussion page.

  • You are also welcome to share some of your suggestions and ideas:

Post them in the ideas category of the discussion page.

How to build this documentation

  • Clone the 3b1b/manim repository

git clone
# or your own repo
# git clone<your user name>/manim.git
cd manim
  • Install python package dependencies

pip install -r docs/requirements.txt
  • Go to the docs/ folder and build

cd docs/
make html
  • The output document is located in docs/build/html/