Fixed bugs

  • Fixed the bug of resize_with_interpolation() in the case of length=0

  • Fixed the bug of __init__ in Elbow

  • If chosen monitor is not available, choose one that does exist

  • Make sure mobject data gets unlocked after animations

  • Fixed a bug for off-center vector fields

  • Had Mobject.match_points return self

  • Fixed chaining animation in example scenes

New Features

  • Added VShowPassingFlash

  • Added COLORMAP_3B1B

  • Added some methods to coordinate system to access all axes ranges

    • get_origin()

    • get_all_ranges()

  • Added set_color_by_rgba_func()

  • Updated VectorField and StreamLines

  • Allow 3b1b_colormap as an option for get_colormap_list()

  • Return stroke_width as 1d array

  • Added get_parts_by_text()

  • Use Text not TexText for Brace

  • Update to Cross to make it default to variable stroke width

  • Added FlashAround and FlashUnder

  • Allowed configuration in Brace.get_text

  • Added reorient() for quicker changes to frame angle

  • Added units to set_euler_angles()

  • Allowed any VMobject to be passed into TransformMatchingTex

  • Removed double brace convention in Tex and TexText